Scarlet Scroll Studio

About Me


My Background

I have always loved creating art. Whether it was making small toys and accessories, or a sketch or a painting, I have always found myself gravitating towards a creative outlet whenever I had the opportunity. As a child I took part in art competitions although art was not part of the curriculum at my school. This  is probably why once I had a chance to take art classes I cherished that experience and have never stopped learning since. My favorite time in high school were the art classes and the new art challenges that I was asked to overcome for each project.

I carried this love with me through college, although I did not pursue a fine arts degree. I gathered knowledge wherever and whenever I could and have been helping with many community projects using ever since.


My Medium and Style

I have worked in many different mediums. In fact it is tough to list any that I have never ventured into.  However I tend to gravitate most towards acrylics, gouaches, watercolors or pencil.

I also love working in a digital format. Although not all of my work is digital, almost all of my work starts out with a digital sketch during the planning stage.


My Inspiration

I love to gather my inspiration from the rich cultural heritages in various parts of the world. I have been very fortunate in having had the chance to travel and spend time taking in the beautiful architecture and design of Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco, Spain and France to name a few. I like to observe the detailed carvings on buildings and pottery and study patterns found everywhere. This is why my work tends to be very pattern based. Even when I create portraits or calligraphy, I like to bring in detailed patterns to add my distinct style to the work.  Art is all about creating a mood and conveying a feeling. My goal is to try to do that mostly through the use of patterns and shapes, just like artisans and craftsmen used to do in the past.